WIKF (Wales) Instructors

Our highly motivated team of instructors are led by Chief Instructor Keith Thomas 7th Dan and teach traditional Wado Ryu Karate-Do. Below you can see the WIKF (Wales) structure followed by short bio's on each of our instructors. To learn more about our Chief Instructor Click Here.


Chairman and Chief Instructor
Keith Thomas 7th Dan


Mark Thomas 4th Dan

Treasurer / Licencing Officer
Philip Holmes 4th Dan

Child Protection Officer
Lydia Stephens 1st Dan

Mark Thomas 4th Dan Mark Thomas 4th Dan

Sensei Mark Thomas started practicing karate at the age of 14 under the instruction of his father Keith Thomas. He has a keen interest in Japanese Kubudo (weaponry) and has trained with some of the top European and Japanese instructors not just in karate but other martial arts. He is currently WIKF (Wales) Secretary and webmaster for www.wadokarate.co.uk and the Official www.wikf.com site.

Sensei Thomas has been studying karate for over 20 years and has achieved the grade of 4th Dan from Professor Suzuki.

Philip Holmes 4th Dan

Philip Holmes 4th DanSensei Philip Holmes started karate at the age 9 years old under the tuition of his father Sensei Philip Holmes (Senior) and Sensei Keith Thomas. He has competed in many competitions both at National and International level winining various titles. He also spent many years studying boxing and competing at amateur level.

Sensei Holmes currently runs the Crynant Wado Kai dojo and is the WIKF (Wales) Treasurer and Licencing Officer.

Lydia Stephens 1st DanLydia Stephens 1st Dan

Sensei Stephens has been practicing karate for over 20 years and achieved her 1st Dan in 2002 with Professor Suzuki. She has been a key member of WIKF (Wales) and is the appointed Child Protection Officer looking after the pastoral care of all our junior members.

David Thomas 1st Dan

David Thomas 1st DanSensei David Thomas is one of the longest practicing karate-ka in the UK, starting his pursuit of karate in 1966 on the first night the Seki Ryu Kan Dojo opened in Swansea. In his youth Sensei Thomas also represented Wales at both Pole Vaulting and High Jumping before turning his attention to martial arts.

Sean O'Brien 1st DanSean O'Brien 1st Dan

Sensei O'Brien has practicing Karate under the guidance of Sensei Keith Thomas. He has competed and represented Wales at all major competitions including National, European and WIKF World Championships. Sensei O'Brien also has a keen interest in other Martial Arts and is also a student of Jujitsu.


Stephen Brown 1st Dan

Steve Brown 1st DanSensei Stephen Brown has been practicing Karate for many years restarting his training over 10 years ago at the Seki Ryu Kan ran by Frank Caronchia where he was assistant instructor. Sensei Brown traveled to Holland to successfully attempt his Dan grade under Professor Suzuki. He now assists Sensei Keith Thomas on a regular basis at Neath Wado Kai.


Keith Morris 1st Dan

Keith MorrisSensei Morris although being one of the newest members of our team has practiced Wado Ryu Karate for many years. He first started his martials arts training at the age of 14 training at the Seki Ryu Kan in Swansea. He has trained with many of the worlds top Japanese and European Instructors.