Keith Thomas 7th Dan Sensei Keith Thomas 7th Dan

Sensei Keith Thomas started his pursuit of karate in 1969 at the Seki Ryu Kan in Swansea, under the instruction of Toru Takamazawa and Tatsuo Suzuki. He later became one of the first people in Wales to achieve the grade of 1st Dan in Wado Ryu.

In the late 1970's he setup his own dojo along with Graham Evans called Neath Wado Kai. At that time most Wado clubs in Wales were affiliated to the United Kingdom Karate Wado Kai under which Sensei Thomas took various roles such as Head Kumite Coach and Chief Instructor for Wales.

In years to come Wado started to fragment in the UK after the founder Hironori Ohtsuka passed away, Sensei Thomas remained loyal to his instructor and Sensei; Tatsuo Suzuki electing to follow Suzuki Sensei to his new association called the Wado International Karate-Do Federation which was formed to protect the teachings of Wado as taught by the founder.

Throughout his career Sensei Thomas has represented his country at both National and International level in both Kata and Kumite disciplines. He has brought on many students such as Alan Blackmoore who won many titles including UK, European and WIKF World Kumite Champion.

With over 40 years experience Sensei Thomas has achieved the grade of 7th Dan which was awarded to him by Professor Tatsuo Suzuki, this makes him one of the most senior practitioners of Wado in the UK and one of only a handful of people across the World to personally be awarded such a high grade by Suzuki Sensei.

Sensei Thomas is currently the Chairman and Chief Instructor for the Welsh arm of the Wado International Karate-Do Federation.