Kumite No Gogensoku (Five Principles of Kumite)

Kumite or free fighting along with Kata is another vital part of karate training and should only be attempted under supervision and once basic skills have been learnt. It is the highest level of all karate as it allows the student to practice what he or she has learnt in a free fight situation.

The below principles show the key point that need to be kept in mind in order for you to improve your kumite.

1. Kiwa Hayaku. Attack your opponent with a strong spirit, do not think about defence only your attack.

2. Kokorowa Shizuka. Always maintain a calm mind and spirit.

3. Miwa Karuku. Your movement and technique must be polished and smooth.

4. Mewa Akirakani. When you look at you opponent, see all of him. Do not fix your gaze only on one spot.

5. Wazawa Hageshiku. Your technique must be sharp.